Tuesday, April 10, 2012

San Jose city council approves downtown bicycle project

City of San Jose file photo
This afternoon San Jose set in motion the first among several new bicycle projects that will make downtown a convienent, safe, and easily navigable business and residential district.
With a unanimous vote; the council approved actions that will involve the addition of eight miles of new bikeways in support of implementing a Downtown Bike Share system in 2012 using various grant funding sources.

The following streets will now see the installation of new bikeways in accordance with California Vehicle Code section 21207.

(1) Almaden Boulevard between Grant Street and Santa Clara Street;
(2) Notre Dame Street between Santa Clara Street and St. John Street;
(3) Third Street between Julian Street and Reed Street;
(4) Fourth Street between Julian Street and Reed Street;
(5) Tenth Street between Hedding Street and Keyes Street; and
(6) Eleventh Street between Hedding Street and Keyes Street.

In addition the project will authorize the removal of vehicle travel lanes on specified segments of Almaden Boulevard, Third Street, Fourth Street, Tenth Street and Eleventh Street and installation of bicycle lanes consistent with Envision 2040 goals for developing "complete streets" as described in this memorandum.

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  1. Yes! Great news. I am looking forward to riding around downtown SJ even more.