Sunday, September 30, 2012

Family returns to train tracks to remember 2 year old son.

New Blossom Hill Pedestrian
photo: neighborhoodwebsj

Around 200 attendees visited the site of a new pedestrian overcrossing on Friday to help the family remember the two year old Elijah Arriga who died just below on active train tracks. The babysitter's friend walked Elijah and his brother across the train tracks near Monterrey Highway and Blossom Hill Road when the younger brother was struck by a southbound Amtrak train back in 2005.

Here is more information about the bridge, which will be called "Xander's Crossing." According to the VTA.
  • The bridge includes a 315-foot long prefabricated steel structure with an inside width of 12 feet.
  • There are two 10-foot wide ramps that comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and stairs to allow users to access Cottle Road and Endicott Boulevard pedestrian paths on the west side and access to Monterey Road on the east side.
  • New sidewalks and curb ramps connecting to existing paths
  • Fencing to deter unsafe at-grade crossing of the railroad tracks.

  • Capital Cost and Project Funding for the Pedestrian Overcrossing 

    $0.98 million   00.99%  2000 Measure A Transit Impr Program funds
    $6.79 million   64.67%  2006 State Prop 1B Infrastructure Bond funds
    $2.48 million   23.62%  Federal Highway Administration funds
    $0.25 million   02.38%  City of San Jose

    $10.5 million 100.00% Total Funding

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